On a sunny afternoon in August 2010 (that would be today) Joanne suggested to Deb that she should start a blog about our beach - Woodland Beach, which is a wonderful beach that we have come to every summer since we were babies. Our families started coming here in the 1920's and 1930's - so...TA DA!! a new blog is born (and a Facebook page to match :)

Of course Joanne doesn't realise it yet, but I have co-opted her in this venture (oh grief! yet another project I have started) ;) but she will shortly - as soon as I do some start up tweaking and try and match our Facebook  page background.

We encourage you to join and share your stories and photos.  We will of course, credit your stories and photos - we will watermark or add a sig to them for you.

So..here we are two mature and FABULOUS beach bunnies ready to go. Join in, add us to your blogroll and friend us on Facebook.

Cheers *holds up a glass of  a cab merlot*